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Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Best Joint Replacement Hospital in India | Happy Hospitals

Individualised Treatments Multidisciplinary Teams

Our customized service and individualized treatment are designed to cover pre- and post-surgery treatment programs, in effect until the patient fully recovers. We offer complete patient care provided by a multidisciplinary team, who also teach patients about their own recovery.

Our Proven Success Philosophy

Best Prosthesis Selection

optimizing the prosthesis which is most suitable to the patient ensuring durability while reducing risk of fracture and chance of the prostheses becoming incompatible.

Effective Pain Management

(pre-post surgery) involves blocking pain receptors via injection in the upper thigh safely and effectively, this can help to reduce surgical wound pain, reduce pain medication and other side effects which may occur.

Faster Recovery

walk within 6 hours of surgery rehabilitation &recovery facilitated by our highly qualified physiotherapists to restore muscle function post-surgery, CPM machine allows patient to bend knee effectively reducing the chances of scar tissue.

Accurate Diagnosis

to ensure safety standards before, during, and after surgery under the care of specialists, evaluating the body’s readiness for surgery, diagnosis and knee deformities, analyzing muscular and tissue conditions around the bone.

Reduce Risk of Thrombosis

with the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device (IPC) combined with blood thinners to prevent blood clots. This is pivotal as during surgery a clot may move into the heart or lungs, causing cardiovascular or respiratory failure.

Care Attention Responsible

Total Joint Care begins during the early stages using technologies such as non-surgical treatment, muscle rehabilitation, adjustment of walking balance, including injections for osteoarthritis treatment, surgery for the restoration of joint mechanisms.


Our Core Values

Compassion: At Happy Hospitals, we value empathy, understanding, and kindness towards patients, families, and staff. Compassion drives the delivery of patient-cantered care and creates a supportive and caring environment.

Excellence: At Happy Hospitals, we strive for excellence in all aspects of healthcare, including clinical outcomes, patient safety, and service delivery. We emphasize ton continuous improvement of healthcare practices and the pursuit of the highest standards of quality.

Integrity: At Happy Hospitals, we strictly ensure integrity and ethical behaviour in all interactions, prioritizing honesty, transparency, and maintaining the trust of patients, staff, and the community.

Collaboration: At Happy Hospitals, we recognize the importance of teamwork and collaboration among healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and coordinated care. We foster an environment that encourages effective communication and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Respect: At Happy Hospitals, we promote a culture of respect for the dignity, autonomy, and diversity of patients, families, and staff. We value cultural sensitivity and treat everyone with fairness, courtesy, and professionalism.

Innovation: At Happy Hospitals, we embrace innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices to advance healthcare. We encourage research, education, and the adoption of new approaches to improve patient outcomes and experiences.

Stewardship: At Happy Hospitals, we value responsible resource management, including financial resources, equipment, and environmental sustainability. We strive to use resources efficiently while ensuring the highest quality of care.

These core values guide established by our best orthopaedic surgeon and our best joint replacement surgeon in India provide high-quality healthcare, promote patient well-being, and serve the needs of communities.

We are regarded by people as Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Guntur, Vijayawada, Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh, India

We have served thousands of patients with outstanding success rate, we never rest on our laurels and are continuously improvising based on our patient’s feedback, lessons learned and according to latest market trends. We check on our patients every often to ensure that they are doing fine after surgery and they are prompt with their medication, physiotherapy and follow-ups. We have surveyed our patients and their families with respect to the following elements and here are the results.

Operation Theatre

Our dedicated staff makes our state-of-the-art operation theaters safe and salubrious in which all sources of pollution and any micro-environmental alterations are kept strictly under control, we ensure safety and completeness through regular maintenance and by conducting periodic quality checks.

Patient Care & Family Bonding

We know human values and serve you with loving heart, we ensure that our patients and their families are comfortable and receiving the attention and care they need, as we believe that patient heals fast when he is surrounded by the love & warmth of their family.

Recovery & Rehabilitation

“Our over the top rehabilitation program enable our patient’s to recuperate quickly at their own comfort”.

After you have been treated for your condition, we ensure that you heal properly and regain strength. Our highly educated physical therapists and physical therapy assistants will work with you in a private setting to provide up-to-date therapeutic services at your own pace and comfort level, so that you can return to your daily lifestyle. Through stretches and training, our certified physical therapy team will help you to enhance the mobility and quality of life by enabling you to bounce back to the things you love.

Patient-Centered Care

Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Best Joint Replacement Hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh