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Knee Replacement Testimonials

My fathers both knees were replaced in this Hospital (May 2022). Dr. Sivaiah Potla is very experienced and explains the things very well. It has been 6 months now, my father is able to walk and manage his activities without pain. Before the knee replacement, he was not even able walk for 200 mts. He was stroggling with knee pains for about 10 years. Suddendly he feels very flexible and very free. Thank you Dr. Sivaiah Potla for the successful knee replacement.

Satish Naik B

My mother was suffering with severe knee pain for so many years . Dr. Shivaiah garu did the knee replacement surgery for her and the surgery outcome was a great success . Doctor used Zimmer Persona replacement implants which are very advanced and helped my mother to gain robust strength during recovery process post surgery. She recently visited me @ USA and I am very happy to see that she was able to walk normally for long distance without any pain and discomfort. Thank you so much Dr. Shivaiah garu and his staff for utmost care you took for my mother during pre and post surgery

Ramya Silpa

I wanted to thank Dr. Sivaiah Potla for his knowledge, skill and expertise in the orthopedic field. My mother was suffering with Knee pains for past 4 to 5 years. He analyzed the situation and explained in detail about the problem and how can that be fixed and Both the knees were implanted with in a week gap. we are very satisfied with his treatment for my mother R.Padmavathi's knee replacement surgery. She is now comfortably walking and climbing stairs. I also appreciate the staff greatly for your care.

Sridhar Babu

My father 64 years suffering from severe knee pain. We consulted Dr. Sivaiah in shri Ramachandra joint replacement center in Guntur. Upon reviewing x-ray and other lab results , he suggested knee replacement surgery for both knees. We went a head and did surgery, surgery completed successfuly and in one month my father able to walk without any issues. It is very successful and I am glad that Dr sivaiah did excellent job throughout first consultation to final review post surgery after one month.

Krishna Rao

My mother has admitted with sever knee pain and hospitalised at Dr. Potla Sivaiah garu Guntur. And has operated 2 months back, Doctor uses advance and safe technologies in operation, which helped my mother to walk within days. she is walking now very happily and is able to do her day to day activities with ease. Our total family is very much thankful to doctor and hospital staff for their good service and moral support given during operation and after days.

Amarnath Koganti

I lingamaneni rajyalakshmi daughter of jhansi Rani, I am glad to say that I personally suggest this hospital mainly Dr. P. Sivaiah Garu. I had severe knee pains since 5 years where I lost my hope walking on my own. Then I got my Bilateral knee replacement done. Hospitality was excellent. Even my brother got his surgery done and happy as well. Staff are too friendly and responsible which I have never seen in other hospitals. I am happy because I am walking pain free with my joints, which I never expected. Thank you sir.

Jhansi Rani Lingisetty

My name is sravanakumari. My mother name is G. Sulochana. She had lot of knee pain past 3years. We are consulted Dr. P. Sivayya gaaru through my uncle. He is very very excellent surgeon in both states(AP and T. S) 100 percent. My mother both legs done the surgery successfullly. Now she able to walk and also she done the works with no need of others. And she enjoyed olden days. We are all v. V. Happy and heart full thanks to Dr. P. Sivayya gaaru

Dhanunjay Tata

My mother name Padmavathi from Guntur. She had suffered a lot of this knee pain.After the 10years of the pain we consulted Dr. Sivaiah Garu. He has lot of experience in surgeries. He is an excellent knee pain surgeon. Before the surgery she couldn't walk properly but after the surgery she is walking without the pain. She can do her work without any one help now. Thank you Dr. Sivaiah Garu

Ayinala Ramadevi

My mother was having sever knee joint pain . We met Dr.shivaiha garu. He suggested replacement surgery. On 1st post operative day she was made to walk. Excellent care and sevices we received during hospitalization. After month of surgery she is able to walk without pain. Thank you doctor. If anyone wants have replacement surgery I strongly suggest Dr.Shivaiah garu

Pouleena Reddy

My village name is Ponnekallu.My father name Jayachandra Rao.He has been suffering Knee Pain from 2 years.He can't even walk for small Distance.We used Homopathi for 1year but it didn't work for complete relief pain.After we went Other Hospital in Tirupathi but no use. After we consult Dr.Sivaiah Garu. He said surgery required for both Legs.Dr.Sivaiah Garu done Surgery very well.He walks just with in one month after surgery. Now My father walking 5-6 kms easily in 6months of operation without pain.Thank you Sivaiah Garu

Vamsi Bikku