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Dr Potla Sivaiah Speaking as 51st OSSAP State Conference - 19'March'2022



Dr Potla Sivaiah Speaking at 51st OSSAP State Conference - 19'March'2022


Dr. Potla Sivaiah M.S (ORTHO), FAJR ( U.S.A, SINGAPORE, GERMANY) has been invited as a keynote speaker for the 51st OSSAP state conference held in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh - 19'March'2022.

During this conference, he has shared his avalanche of experience in conducting Total Knee Replacement Surgery in patients with Valgus Deformities.
Dr.Potla Sivaiah, Founder and Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon of Shri Ramchandra Joint Replacement Center have enabled thousands of patients to walk with happy joints. He is adept at providing the right diagnosis with great attention to detail and has served patients across many countries and regions with his niche skills, state-of-the-art technology, and evidence-based mechanisms. As of Today, Shri Ramchandra Joint Replacement Center is regarded as the one-stop for all joint problems.