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Individualised Treatments Multidisciplinary Teams

Our customized service and individualized treatment are designed to cover pre- and post-surgery treatment programs, in effect until the patient fully recovers. We offer complete patient care provided by a multidisciplinary team, who also teach patients about their own recovery.

Our Proven Success Philosophy

Best Prosthesis Selection

optimizing the prosthesis which is most suitable to the patient ensuring durability while reducing risk of fracture and chance of the prostheses becoming incompatible.

Effective Pain Management

(pre-post surgery) involves blocking pain receptors via injection in the upper thigh safely and effectively, this can help to reduce surgical wound pain, reduce pain medication and other side effects which may occur.

Faster Recovery

walk within 6 hours of surgery rehabilitation &recovery facilitated by our highly qualified physiotherapists to restore muscle function post-surgery, CPM machine allows patient to bend knee effectively reducing the chances of scar tissue.

Accurate Diagnosis

to ensure safety standards before, during, and after surgery under the care of specialists, evaluating the body’s readiness for surgery, diagnosis and knee deformities, analyzing muscular and tissue conditions around the bone.

Reduce Risk of Thrombosis

with the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device (IPC) combined with blood thinners to prevent blood clots. This is pivotal as during surgery a clot may move into the heart or lungs, causing cardiovascular or respiratory failure.

Care Attention Responsible

Total Joint Care begins during the early stages using technologies such as non-surgical treatment, muscle rehabilitation, adjustment of walking balance, including injections for osteoarthritis treatment, surgery for the restoration of joint mechanisms.

Our Services

We provide complete range of Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Elbow joint replacement solutions